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Due to increased adoptions (Yeah) we won't be able to post pictures of every dog adopted. We just don't have enough volunteers for this job and it is more important to post the dogs who are still looking for a forever home. We will continue to post  success stories or a recommendation for our rescue. I hope you understand:)

Hello Second Chance Dogs of Ashe!!! I am so glad to see you on Facebook! I know you remember me, My name is OREO I am in this world because of YOU!! You saved my life twice and found my loving owners!! You are special people and will always be in my heart as the one that saved my life. My owner has promised to contribute to your cause! If you need a reference's of your work send them my way. I have a testimony to tell of how you cared for me.

This is where our new baby came from. Amazing people doing amazing things. Support them in any way you can.

What wonderful place to find your next addition!! Thank you!!!!!!!

On my way to my forever home!! Thank you, Petra and Second Chance, for helping me on my way!!


I have known the Gileses of Second Chance Dogs since I was a young girl, and spent a lot of time in their home growing up. I have always known they were kind and loving people, but now have a whole new respect for them since adopting my new (perfect) puppy. Every dog they rescue is treated like their own pet. Special attention is given to each dog to ensure it is properly vetted, socialized and loved. They also ensure each dog goes to only the perfect home. If you want to adopt a new family member, or just want to help out a rescue in some way, please consider this one!

Petra and her husband give a wonderful loving home to so many dogs while they wait for their forever home. I am so lucky that they were loving my little guy until I adopted him. He is such a sweet baby because of their kind and selfless hearts. Anyone would be fortunate to adopt from them! Thank You!

"Opie" feels right at home with his new family! Thank you for all of your selfless work! Our puppy is such a gift! I am so amazed that he has only had one little pee accident in the house. He just follows his new brothers out to the yard and goes potty outside. Pretty amazing start for an 8 week old puppy!


We want to let everyone know about Second Chance Dogs of Ashe! Jacob and Petra Giles are truly 2 great people in this county! They rescue dogs and bring them into their home to be with their other dogs and it is a great place for them to play and be loved! We were lucky enough to come across our newest addition to our family using . We saw a picture of "Opal" and immediately fell love ♥ If you are looking for a good rescue dog, Second Chance Dogs of Ashe is the place to go! Hopefully we have made some really great friends for life, and am thankful to have met you both! If anyone out there can and would like to, this rescue home needs help with all the things you could imagine a pet /pets needing. Donations of food, toys, & monetary help I know would be greatly appreciated. As with any rescue organization, remember to spay and neuter your pets ! Euthanization is not the answer! Thanks again Jacob and Petra... we won't forget you, I promise!


The good people in this world like Petra and her husband give me hope. The love they give to all animals as well as the dedication and time they put into this organization should be inspiration for all. I could not be more pleased with my... boy, Dudley. He is such a loving and sweet boy. I can only think that this came from the wonderful people that rescued him. I thank these two for all of the hard work they put into this effort and all of the lives they have not only saved but changed forever. Any animal these two take in is most fortunate, but even more than that are the people who get involved in this cause. Please take a second and do your part in saving animals lives. Can't leave all the are work for these two. Thank you two so much for what you do and allowing me to be part of it and have my sweet baby!! THANK YOU!!!


We love Dooley and he is so sweet! He has been neutered and I have been meaning to send you the paperwork but hadn't got around to it yet. I will get it in the mail asap. His surgery went really well and his stiches healed up nicely. He did have to wear a cone for a couple of days because he kept trying to bite at his stitches. He is such snuggle bug. He cuddles in bed with us everynight. When John gets up and leaves for work he crawls up and sleeps on his pillow by my head. He loves it outside. He and the other dogs love to romp and play outside and inside for that matter. He has fit in great around here!

You guys amaze me!! ashe co is a better place bc of you guys, really.
We'll stay in touch-

Thank you Second Chance Dogs of Ashe for our amazing puppies! We can tell that they were well loved after you rescued them. Boscoe and Booly Benefiel are fitting right in and we are spoiling them rotten. Keep up the great work! Tamara and Steve

Second Chance Dogs of Ashe.......OMG...if you love dogs you must research this haven for dogs and help them if at all possible. I've never met anyone who truly loves (and shows it) dogs than Jacob and Petra Giles. Hats off to two amazing people with a heart for those who cannot help themselves. You both are amazing and appreciated. Thank you again and again for this wonderful little doll lying in the recliner with my mother.

She is simply amazing! Every day she tells us a little more about who she is, and we are all in love! Every little step she takes towards letting us know she trusts us makes us feel like we have been given the greatest gift! This morning she wouldn't eat her breakfast until I sat down on the floor next to her bowl, and then after she had her fill, she climbed into my lap and snuggled in all on her own! It made it very difficult to get up in order to get my kids ready for school! She has also begun to give us all kisses and is even beginning to play fetch with us! Honestly, it is like she has done this all before! She is just perfect!

So excited to have our new baby! We had an amazing experience today at Second Chance! They are amazing people!

Thank you, Petra and Jacob, for the wonderful work you do with Second Chance Dogs of Ashe. Greg and I are so happy to have Boone in our home. He is a loving, affectionate, and playful dog and we are thankful to have him here. We can't recommend your services highly enough!

These are 2 wonderful people doing a great thing. Thank them so much for Mister Chance. We love him so much and he's already spoiled rotten.

Elvis is such a good dog, we cannot believe it.  We have not heard him bark even once.  He just seems to fit right in, and is so calm.  Our kids still cannot believe we actually have a dog!  He is going to be such a wonderful addition to our family.  Thanks for rescuing him and taking such good care of him!  Best of luck to you all.

We can definitely tell how well loved Ben was. He is very trusting of us and a very well balanced little guy. I think he would make a great therapy dog and am thinking about looking into that as he gets older. He is very intelligent, calm and a fast learner. I went to the store this a.m. and now he has quite a collection and variety of toys, a new collar, and no-grain premium puppy food. Only one accident in 24 hrs which is very impressive for his age and new surroundings. Things are going great.

 Jenny has been a great addition to our family. She has fit right in We are lucky to have her! Thanks to Second Chance Dogs of Ashe for our newest family member and for all you do to help out doggies in our community!


WE are so happy with Gracie, she is a jewel.  We could not ask for a better companion at this time in our lives, and I truly think the feeling is mutual. She was well socialized and it took no time for her to adjust to her surroundings. She has a multitude of toys that she drags around from her crate in the kitchen to her bed in the living room. We have only heard her bark twice but she will whine just a little when she “loses” one of us.


Keep up the great work! We are so happy to have Jedi in our lives. Know that you've made many people and animals happy!

Wonderful! We are so happy to have found you guys! You do excellent work and thank you for our little Latte!

Sallie is such a special girl and the PERFECT dog for us. Without Second Chance,
Sallie would not be with us.  She is 10 pounds of pure love.  Please thank Nina
for fostering her.  Sallie is now in her FOREVER HOME.  Cleo and John Huck. 



We are so nuts about her and are so thankful for people like you and Jacob.  We promise to take wonderful care of her!  Please feel free to inquire about her any old time.

  • I lost someone very dear to me on Feb. 10, lil Mountain Feist SydneyAnn to kidney failure. My heart is still breaking but it's slowly mending after I found these wonderful people here at Second Chance Dogs. I've now adopted a lil gurl named AbbyLeigh & she's just perfect!!! Got her on Feb. 17, 2014 & she's ...the apple of Mommies Eye...she's so smart & already house broken & crate trained. These people do amazing work & we need a lot more of Petra & Jacob in this world to help all the abandoned animals. If anyone needs a fur ever friend, go see these wonderful people at Second Chance Dogs of Ashe...You Will Not Regret It. I promise you that. Support them, they are God's Gift !!!

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