Second Chance Dogs Of Ashe
Giving Animals a Second Chance at Life


Board member Lisa and foster dog Chance went to Boone Mountain TV to talk about Second Chance Dogs of Ashe and our upcoming fundraiser :Sounds for Hounds" at Boonedocks Brewery in downtown West Jefferson on June 7th from 12 pm to 5 pm.

Click here to watch the interview:

Our first big Adoption event was a great success

Big Thanks to our local Wal-Mart who put on this event for us and everybody, who helped, to make it a big success.

ALY-ROSE is our Hero!!!!!

Meet 5 year old Ally- she is our hero of the month. All she wanted for her birthday was donations of food and toys to give to homeless pets. Today she came to Second Chance Dogs of Ashe for a big delivery. She is one super girl with a big heart- thank you sweet girl- you are only five years old and you are already making a difference in your community. I see great things happening in your future. And we hope you will inspire other people to do the same.Thank you from Mooney, Nellie, Hazel, Sally, Tildie, Maddie, Zoe, Chester and Goldie. Their bellies will be full and they will have everything they need because of you. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Sawyer has a kind heart for homeless pets!!!!!

And another BIG Thank YOU goes to Mr. Sawyer, who collects old blankets and newspaper for our rescue. He brought us a bunch of blankets today- and we sure can use them. You are an awesome kid and we all appreciate everything you do for the dogs we care for. You make our work easier- great job Sawyer.


A HUGE Thank you goes to all second graders and teachers at Westwood Elementary. They worked so hard to sell lemonade for four days. They raised $806 and donated it all to us. We are so thrilled and very thankful for his help. We promise to put the money to good use by saving more homeless dogs/pups in Ashe County.

It was Becky's birthday yesterday (7-15). She had a party and instead of getting presents for her, she requested donations for our rescue. Look at all the stuff we received yesterday- Becky, you are a wonderful human being and we are so thankful for all these donations- it helps us to keep on going- and to save more precious lives. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mister Sawyer didn't ask for presents for himself when he had his birthday just a few days ago. Instead he asked for donation for our rescue. Today he came and delivered so many goodies. Thank you Sawyer, you are a great kid!!!

Greyson= one super kid

The Watson family here in Ashe County is doing a fantastic job raising one caring and generous son. His name is Greyson and he just recently had a birthday. Instead of asking for presents for himself, he asked people to donate items we coul...
d use for the rescue. Last night they came by and brought us a truck load of everything we always need. From paper towels to dog toys, puppy food and pee pads. We felt like children on Christmas Day. Greyson, you are our hero and I hope you know how much your giving heart means to us. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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