Ways You Can Help Us


Second Chance Dogs of Ashe can now accept donations through Paypal. Please consider helping our efforts by making a donation to our cause. Every penny of your donation will go strictly to the care of the animals. Now that we are a legal 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible.


At this point of time, the beginning of “Second Chance Dogs of Ashe“, we need all the help we can get. Please consider becoming a valuable member of our volunteer group to accomplish so many task that need to done. We encourage you to make contact with us to see how your talents, knowledge, and desire to help can be put to work to help save animals. 

Foster Home

We are also looking for loving foster families, who are willing to open their home and heart to a homeless pet.

Other ways to help us

The foster animals we are pulling from Animal Control are arriving at our house sometimes sick.  To be able to nurture them back to health we are always in the need for the following materials that you could donate to us:

        – Pedialyte (no flavor)
        – Chicken broth (organic, all natural)
        – pee pads
        – blankets and doggie beds
        – large garbage bags
        – old newspaper
        – Clorox
        – Purina Puppy Chow
        – dog toys
        – paper towels
        – crates
        – dog kennels

How To Reach us for Donations

If you want to donate materials, please call us at 336-877-3865 to make arrangements.

Until we get more established and find a location from which we will do business from, we ask you to send the donations to our home address:

Jacob and Petra Giles,
102 Hummingbird Lane, Fleetwood, NC 28626

Please make checks out to : Second Chance Dogs of Ashe.